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French Oak flooring

Discover Wholesale French Oak and architectural elements

We act as an importer for clients who want to purchase at a wholesale level sourcing the highest quality Solid Oak and Reclaimed Oak, for custom joinery projects.


We provide a full end to end turn-key solution including full customs compliance for the imports direct to your door. A unique end to end turnkey logistics service makes sourcing wood from Salvage Europe an unequalled partnership.


Wholesale French Oak | Reclaimed Oak 

Salvage Europe is committed to sustainable sourcing, we are committed to preserving the forests for the future, as such we only source products from reliable sources who can verify authenticity,


Salvage Europe are logistics experts, we are connected to a worldwide network of freight forwarders and transport companies with a proven track record of importing into the USA. Both reclaimed oak and old growth oak can be delivered direct to your warehouse after customs clearance has been completed. All products are packed and strapped onto authorised pallets for ease of removal.

solid oak
reclaimed oak
Reclaimed Oak
reclaimed oak parquetry

Exclusive partnership with our mill in Burgundy, France

Salvage Europe has an exclusive partnership with our mill in France, we have stock of over 1 million board feet of square edge boards & beams, 500,000 board feet of boules (whole trees) cut kiln dried ready for export.


All of our French Oak is still air dried and then kilned dried it is the stored in a humidity-controlled warehouse until sold. French Oak is available up to 17 inches wide and up to 4 inches depth in five different grades from clean through to rustic in all forms sawn boards, beams and boules. Beams are available up to 8 x 8 inch.

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Reclaimed Oak
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