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Reclaimed french oak floors

Reclaimed re milled Floorboards

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Reclaimed French Oak

Discover Our Reclaimed French Oak Flooring

from France

It is simply tragic when reclaimed french oak is under-utilised or badly used, left to decay, or destroyed and lost forever. We envisage a world where there is a wider and far greater appreciation of how this beautiful, unique, organic material can enhance our lives through the modern built environment.


Reclaimed French Oak Floorboards | Parquetry | Panels

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Reclaimed Oak Companies in California

Reclaimed re milled Parquetry blocks

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Footworn french oak flooring

Original Footworn Floorboards

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Original Footworn Parquetry

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reclaimed french oak panels

Reclaimed re milled panels

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Reclaimed french oak a floor of choice.

The history of each piece of reclaimed oak is visible through its patina the hallmarks of time that give the wood depth and tell the story of its provenance. 

Our oak is sourced from buildings throughout France and Europe these structure have their own unique history as rich as the lumber they were made from. These building have stood the test of time through two world wars, the industrial revolution and the birth of technology. The quality cannot be replicated. We only source oak that possesses unusual age, rustic character, and size.

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