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French Oak flooring

Wide Plank Oak Flooring 

Discover Our French Oak Solid Hardwood Flooring from France

We create the most beautiful French Oak Solid Hardwood Flooring and Lumber in the marketplace from a coveted region in France.


Sustainable Old Growth French Oak

Solid Oak Flooring Single Origin

Selectively and carefully harvested, our sustainable forest products are as legendary as the forests in which they grew.


French Oak Floorboards | Staircases | Trims

See all of our stunning authentic French Oak Products

french oak floor
French oak stairs
wide plank french oak flooring

No. 1 Choice for French Oak

We have captured the design industry's imagination

Our French Oak is prized for its tannin content yielding colors that are not possible to attain on other oaks. Characterized as having a tight grain pattern and is typically cut in a centre-sawn fashion which yields planks with beautiful "cathedral" grain in the center of each plank, and straight grain on the edges of the planks. 

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