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The Salvage Europe offers exquisite luxury hardwood flooring and lumber - For over two decades, Salvage Europe has traveled the world, searching for architectural antique gems to bring into a modern context. Old-growth lumber had been carefully selected by the woodsmen of the past... a slower pace of life meant timber was milled by hand, left to season like a great whiskey, and air-dried for many years before being used to build. The luxury hardwood flooring we now discover has had the opportunity to stabilize (or mature) for over a century before we bring it back into being. Like the woodsmen of the past, Salvage Europe has a team of experts who carefully select each piece of wood for its beauty and quality. They salvage the antique woods from the industrial forests – old barns, homes and industrial buildings scheduled for demolition. The luxury hardwood flooring is then cleaned, de-nailed, milled, and dressed; transforming these ancient treasures into beautiful contemporary building materials. The history of each piece of wood is visible through its patina - the hallmarks of age that give the wood depth and tell the story of its provenance. It is simply tragic when reclaimed lumber is under-utilized or left to decay, or destroyed and lost forever. We envisage a world where there is a wider and far greater appreciation of how this beautiful, unique, ancient material can enhance our lives through the modern built environment. Our range of Reclaimed French Oak bring with them unique colors, characteristics, patina and history. "the oak we harvest is from lumber originally grown in the 15th & 16th Century"


The Salvage Europe Mill Story - In late 1940’s a lumberjack by the name of John Pierre started sawing oak in the north of Burgundy, France where his family have been the custodians of the sawmill ever since. John Pierre's granddaughter, Laura, manages the mill today. When John Pierre started his mill, the old-growth timber was carefully selected by the woodsmen, milled by hand, left to season, and then air-dried for a number of years before being used to build. The French Oak now milled is selectively and carefully harvested making our sustainable forest products as legendary as the forests in which they grew. Any selection from our genuine French Oak products will continue the enduring traditions of France’s sustainable forests. France has been home to sustainable forest management for centuries, which means that French Oak has a noteworthy reputation as a certified sustainable hardwood. Salvage Europe is a company that is committed to the ethics and diversity of sustainable wood supply. Our French Oak products show their character and the special story of their forest of origin and we believe that the world’s best sawn hardwood comes from trees that have stood for centuries in forests under legitimate stewardship. Salvage Europe has an exclusive partnership with the Pierrel family mill and we have stock of over one million board feet of square edge boards & beams, 500,000 board feet of boules (whole trees) cut and kiln dried and ready for export. NOTE: All of our French Oak is still air dried and then kiln dried. It is then stored in a humidity-controlled warehouse until sold. Pieces are available up to 17 inches wide in five different grades ranging from clean through to rustic, in sawn boards, beams, posts and boules.