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Great Wine, Great Wood

French Oak Boards are no different to choosing a good wine, the product is cultivated over time to produce a quality product.

There are three major traits to expensive wine and they are oak, time and terroir.

Oak barrels are expensive because only 4 barrels can be made from a 200 year old oak tree. French barrels are in demand so they cost about twice as much as American barrels.

Holding the wines for years takes up space and costs money.

As the terroir becomes more specific and more scarce, the price usually jumps up by $5. For instance, if you buy a generic ‘California’ wine it might cost $12 compared to a ‘Sonoma’ wine at $17. Some regions are so small and in demand that the price becomes exponential like Vosne-Romanée in Burgundy.

So when selecting flooring Certified FSC Sustainable Old Growth Genuine French Oak is the only choice. You will be choosing a superior product with unique regional characteristics such as cathedral grain patterns from a single origin region of France.

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