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They are on a competition as good as the Asian Scariest Film Festival. The production team wanted to tell more about these characters and make a comedy film but also a drama film. Beware of the problem : The story is not a simple one. The film is more about friendship and the unexpected relationship between the characters . The movie has a different style. It's actually a documentary-drama. You will know these characters by their appearance : Michu (30/12/1989) Mikko Pimi (22/12/1981) Makari Antti (24/08/1988) Antti Jussi (12/06/1988) Jussi The friends have some problems in the beginning. They only have 5 minutes to choose their friends. It's a really small group of friends. They each have different interests.  Michu is more into sports and Makari is more into electronics. Jussi is a good friend who listens to everybody and knows how to make people laugh. Pimi is a good friend too. But Antti is a softer one and a bit distant. Stereotypes of the characters : Mikko: you can trust him. He is cool and he loves to perform. Pimi: he is a famous game player and a crazy type. Jussi: he's a cool and sweet friend. He doesn't like a very loud person. Antti: he likes to sit alone when he wants to think. The connection between the characters : The characters are real friends. Some of the characters have changed roles, but they remain friends. And sometimes the characters don't like certain people. But they are true friends. This movie has been long in the making. They did it slowly, one episode at a time. I think the film has a good message for everyone, especially to raise awareness about diversity. In the end, I'm looking forward to watching this movie. I think it will be an interesting film. I hope you'll enjoy it. 2019/04/19 PICTURES : « my best friends are the little lonely words »



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Link Download Film Indonesia 5cm Full [Latest] 2022

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