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Reclaimed French Oak Furniture

SalvageEurope create Reclaimed French Oak Furniture enhancing the ways that designers can create unique pieces.

SalvageEurope design and create custom furniture using reclaimed French oak Timber. Custom-designed elements add warmth and ensure high quality, uniqueness, and longevity to any project. See our latest projects in our gallery.

Thanks to our qualified European carpentry team, we accept any challenge to create reclaimed furniture using our prised Reclaimed French Oak

The reclaimed oak beams and planks (over 150 years old) are carefully selected, and prepared in order to create unique pieces of furniture that showcase the age and patina of the wood.

Many types of finishes are can be achieved in order to obtain the desired look that fits your room. Every piece of Reclaimed French Oak wood furniture will be handmade and 100% real wood.

If you are looking for a uniqueness and a curated experience for your project contact us to discuss your ideas.

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