Salvage Europe are logistics experts, we are connected to a worldwide network of freight forwarders and transportation companies and hold a proven track record importing into the UK, USA, Australia & New Zealand. Material is delivered locally direct to your door as soon as customs clearance has completed. A unique full end to end turn-key logistics service makes sourcing lumber from salvage Europe an unequalled business partnership.

Lumber Treatment and Packing

All goods are packed and strapped onto pallets for ease of removal either from 20 or 40ft containers. Containers can be unpacked by a third party at additional charges for local deliveries where warehouse facilities are not available. Treatment of lumber is applied where necessary such as air and kiln drying and fumigation.

Guarantee on Reclaimed Products

Salvage Europe warrants that our lumber is genuine and antique. Salvaged from genuine historical sites. Salvage Europe warrants that our lumber is unique and that no two pieces are the same. What makes our product so special is this uniqueness and there won’t ever be another piece that matches. Beams, planks and parquetry hundreds of years old is salvaged from historical villas, barns, homes and hotels. Salvage Europe warrants that our lumber is a natural product finished by hand, as such, it is reasonable to expect variations in colouring, grain, texture and characteristics such as knots, medinas and rays.

Genuine French Oak Customs Certification

Salvage Europe sources genuine new and reclaimed French Oak that has a certificate of origin which includes the country of harvest. Our supply chain is direct from our wood mill in France and we do not mix species. Our new French Oak is harvested from managed forests with sustainable logging practices, the age of the trees are around 200 to 250 years old, our suppliers replant trees as they remove trees.

The French Oak is processed and graded using strict guidelines by FNB, which manages many of the saw millers in France, they have very clear grading rules and methods for drying. This enables Salvage Europe to guarantee consistency and the quality of the finished product. We always remove and transport new and reclaimed french oak with correct chain of custody documents which declare country of harvest, species and origin.