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Award-winning interior design and decoration for hospitality, residential and entertainment projects across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.


From producing furnishing schemes to full scope design services, we specialize in interior design that incorporates our Reclaimed French Oak, interior decoration, kitchen and bathroom design, drafting, furniture design, custom lighting design, art consultancy, interior styling, and project management.


Salvage Europe Group is reclaimed oak and sustainably harvested old growth oak.

Many of our clients seek us out because they love the Salvage Europe aesthetic; our reclaimed oak flooring, custom tables, and architectural antiques.


Salvage Europe is able to source a product from a wide range of European suppliers, having built our diverse supplier network during 35 years in the industry.

We are a bespoke design materials company in the U.S, with a growing clientele, and take on only a small number of projects at any one time to ensure expectations are exceeded.


Our clients love what we do for our sustainable forestry credentials, personal high-level service to solve design challenges, and especially, the unique selection of quality European products that we offer.


 Bespoke-made solutions are an added benefit.

We also offer guided buying trips for special projects.


Reclaimed French Oak tables
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french oak floor
Reclaimed Oak Companies in California
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